Sunday - DOCTRINE MATTERS meets at 9:45a in the undercroft.   

Every Christian denomination holds to a specific set of beliefs regarding Christ and his church known as “doctrines.” In this adult Bible class, we will mine the Holy Scriptures, the Catechism, and the hymnal, using the liturgy as our framework.

Attending this class is strongly suggested for all members to deepen your understanding of what your church believes, teaches, and confesses to be the absolute truth of the Word of God. Deepening your understanding of the doctrines and practices of the Lutheran church will help you more fully appreciate the mysterious realities that are encountered in the Sunday morning Holy Eucharist, as we stay connected to the ancient church established by Christ and the Apostles.

Wednesday - Bible Basics: The Old and New Testament Covenants meets at 10a in the undercroft.

Having a basic understanding of the Old Testament covenants God made with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David helps the Christian better understand the big picture of the Old Testament events and see how the Old Testament covenants are fulfilled in the Incarnation of God's Son, Christ Jesus who institutes a New Covenant for God's chosen people.